Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 January Planning Meeting

The Divas of the Dirt meet at a local restaurant every January to set months and make plans for the coming year. We had such a good time at Manny's Uptown Kitchen (near the Crate & Barrel on north Research Ave) in January 2011 that we decided to go back in 2012.

The previous rotating calendar wasn't working so we tossed it & started from scratch, with each Diva pulling the name of her month from the bowl.  Sophia will start off the year in February, we'll skip the hottest months and use early November as the 8th month. 

As always, the food at Manny's was utterly delicious!

and as always we had a great time catching up.

But gosh-darn it! We can't go back again... in February Manny's Kitchen announced that the restaurant would be closing. We're sorry that Manny's is gone, but very glad we got to be there.

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