Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's already the end of March and we haven't completed a single Divas of the Dirt project!

The planning breakfast at Z-Tejas on 6th Street worked out fine with no more than the usual conflicts in dates. But we've had rain twice when we should have had a meeting. And it's been a very hard winter in our Divas of the Dirt gardens - this January we saw temperatures in the lower teens - not what we or our plants are used to- so our gardens need help!

Buffy had the Divas visit her house at the end of January - Mattie has taken a leave of absence for the time being and Diva Sugar, one of the original group of Divas, is now able to return to the group. It was sad to see that some plants - like Buffy's Staghorn- didn't make it
Others looked delicate, like Buffy's Acanthus AKA Grecian Pattern Plant, but came through the cold just fine

These succulents took a hit - guess some will grow again and others need to be replaced.
Sophia's magic microclimate of a front garden amazed me (Glinda) and Diva-Annie when we visited her in March -

Sophia's Four-Nerve Daisies were already to bloom

And Sophia's Yellow Bulbine - a plant that froze to black ribbons all over Austin - was alive, unfrozen, and budded for Spring. How does she do it?
Oz and I were ready when the Divas came here couple of weeks ago, but the heaviest lifting was done with a fork - we had a Soyrizo, Red Pepper, Potato, Cheese & Egg casserole, Corn Muffins and Blueberry muffins - accompanied by a thunderstorm and a downpour of more than an inch.

So no work - but we still enjoyed being together.

Fingers crossed for April!