Friday, May 13, 2011


Buffy had a craving for applewood bacon, so she suggested Manny's Uptown Kitchen for our annual planning meeting - we were glad she did. The Divas of the Dirt arrived at the Gateway Shopping Center in drizzle and mist on a gray Saturday morning.DivasoftheDirt, Manny's Uptown Kitchen, Austin, TX
In just a few minutes the people in charge had our group set up in the cozy & comfortable main room. Other commitments meant a few Divas of the Dirt had to leave early and/or come late. Diva-Sugar was out-of-state, so she couldn't be there at all. We set up the schedule for the year as best we could: Mattie was returning for sure but Sugar's return was still a question mark. And since we garden in Austin, the weather, as always, would be a bigger question mark.

Divasofthedirt planning meeting
There was no question about how we liked Manny's - the food was wonderful and the service impeccable. Pancakes! Omelets! Blintzes! Yum! Five of us lingered for conversation and decided we want to come back to Manny's another time.

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