Saturday, December 16, 2017


This post, 2016 December – HOLIDIVA DAY, was written by Annie in Austin/ Diva Glinda for the Diva of the Dirt blog,

[Wow- this post is about our 2016 Christmas party – a whole year ago! I really got behind on posting but will try to catch up soon.]

The Divas of the Dirt gathered at Karla’s house in 2016 and she was ready for us with the Christmas tree tall and decorated

and the table gilded and elegant. Sugar was Karla’s co-hostess – bringing the entree.

It had been a while since we were all together! Mindy, Sugar and Mattie had a lot of catching up to do.

Sophia, Karla, Glinda and Buffy were glad to be there – but where is DivaAnnie? She was behind the camera for these photos but you’ll see her later!

Drinks and appetizers were first – Mindy has a choice of Smoked Salmon Dip and Love Dip from Costco with assorted crackers (Diva Annie) and Cocktail meatballs with bread rounds (Glinda) and assorted wines from many Divas

Sophia is enjoying this day off work surrounded by her friends

Buffy listens intently

Here is the holidiva feast! Clockwise from back: an enormous Glazed Ham with Redeye Gravy (Sugar), Salad of Butter Lettuce, Walnuts, Apples, Cheddar and Pomegranate (Mindy) Super Rich Mashed Potatoes (Sophia), Carrots with Pecans (Buffy), and Addictive Asparagus and Cheese Grits (Karla). 

Every single thing was delicious and/or dangerous – if you have ever had Karla’s cheese grits you will know they are as addictive as the asparagus!

We decided to delay dessert and play the stealing-grab bag game, pulling numbers and opening the packages in turn.

Here is Mindy unwrapping a package while Annie looks on.

Mattie likes these chains of metal bluebirds but she won’t have them long… this is a Stealing Grab bag game!

It’s Annie’s turn now… Sugar and Mindy wonder what she’ll get

Uh, oh – game delayed while Annie uses the bow to turn herself into an Old Tyme Carol Singer

Mindy got a decorative plant stake and thinks it’s a winner.

Mattie made the pecan pie with a gluten free crust – topped with vanilla ice cream

There’s something amusing about eating pie made with pecan nuts under the watchful eye of a couple of nutcrackers!

This photo of Sugar, Buffy and Karla reminds me of the best part of our Holidiva Day – laughing with friends.

It was a great day – see you next year!

This post, 2016 December – HOLIDIVA DAY, was written by Annie in Austin/ Diva Glinda for the Diva of the Dirt blog,