Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Sugar is one of the original Divas, and although she hasn't been working on the landscape projects with us for a few years, she comes back to visit and we're always glad to see her.
When the Divas held the annual planning breakfast this January, Sugar was there to join in the fun - luckily we held our meeting before the ice came. Just look how thickly that ice formed in Central Austin seen here in a photo sent by Sugar, with a detail from her metal fence.

In Sugar's garden there's also a thorny but beautiful shrub called Flowering Quince - remembered well from one long project day. Sugar took her camera out in the cold and took a photo Deep in the Heart of the Frozen Quince.

Thanks for sharing these, Sugar!

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  1. does it really from an ice?hmm that was good you know..i never see such a think like that and especially the lion ice


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