Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Divas Blog

Welcome to the Divas of the Dirt Garden Blog.

The Divas of the Dirt Website has been online for several years, telling the story of our group of gardening friends. We take turns working on each other's landscapes here in Austin, Texas, making them a little more beautiful while we share meals and have fun together. Our site is full of photos, before-and-after projects, links to local garden organizations and nurseries, and lots of recipes. So why do we need a blog, too?

While our website displays the stories in more graceful form, it's kind of static - and a garden blog can get news out fast. So now - whether it's an event, a sale, or just an announcement of what one of us noticed at a local nursery - we can let you [and each other] in on the news.

In addition, since the website has no provisions for feedback, we're hoping that our garden blog can also be a place for conversations or questions, or just a way for you to say hello.

It's now January, and the 2006 Diva Diary is almost ready for the website. Once it's done and uploaded, I guess that will be my first announcement!


  1. Glinda,
    This format sounds good to me.
    Diva Annie

  2. Annie (Glinda), I'm so happy to see a blog for the Divas! You all do such cool things, it'll be fun reading about them in real time. Oh, and I can't get enough of your theme song! Have I told you how impressed I am?

  3. Hello Diva Annie and LostRoses - thank you for saying hello. Diva Annie, if you have any announcements or photos, send them over! And thank you LostRoses for liking our theme song!



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