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2015-February BUFFY'S GARDEN DAY

This post, 2015-February BUFFY'S GARDEN DAY, was written by Annie in Austin/Diva Glinda for her Divas of the Dirt Blog

Our Divas project in February 2015 was a "just in case" kind of project. Buffy was considering a move to a different house, so just in case, we came over to weed, rake, clip, clean up and mulch.

The weather had been mild and Mark Murray told us that Saturday would be in the 70s F with a chance of a shower. Since ice and cold weather was predicted for Sunday night/Monday morning, it seemed best to concentrate on cleaning and mulching - not planting.

As part of her just in case plan, Buffy had ordered new garage doors. That meant a lot of the garage collection had to move into the dining room and the Divas of the Dirt would gather in the living room instead. 

Buffy made fillings and prepared toppings for breakfast tacos. She also tried a new recipe - the baked oatmeal was a hit.

But she ran into some trouble with the baked bacon. The fire alarm went off over and over. Each time it started up, Buffy's three small dogs Luci, Lynda & Fredric, and Mattie's visiting social butterfly Barbie became howling furballs. The baked bacon didn't look all that great, but it tasted pretty good!

The scrambled eggs came out perfect for breakfast tacos.

And so did the sausage.

The fruit salad was just right to start a warm February day.

Everything is on the island counter - we're ready for breakfast!

Buffy's lovely bouquet shocked my camera with its vivid colors so I hope you can tell how pretty it was.

We went outside and gave everything in sight what my mom used to call "a lick and a polish" - not trying to redo anything, but to spruce up everything.

Here's the main front view before, complete with photobombing Barbie.

There are good wildflowers mixed in with those lawn weeds... one reason to do it by hand instead of with chemicals.

The parkway is usually a bright spot all year, but it looks awfully tired and overgrown right now.

While we were outside a few members of Buffy's family stopped by and said hello.

Eventually we stopped working and went in to a surprise lunch - well - is it still "lunch" at 4:30pm? Buffy had ordered BBQ from local chain PoK-e-Jo'S Smokehouse.  We loved the turkey, brisket and sausage, potato salad, coleslaw, beans, onions, pickles and jalapenos.

And for dessert? Secret recipe Buttermilk Pie... so delicious. We can't say a word about which restaurant secret fell into Buffy's hands, but we sure hope she doesn't lose that recipe!

I didn't get a photo of the strawberries for the top, and also didn't get a photo of the Italian Cream Cake from Upper Crust Bakery. Guess you'll just have to go down to Burnet & 45th to see it for yourself.

I didn't take this photo but am glad Mattie had her camera ready to catch Mindy having a heart-to-heart with Fredric!

Out in the yard we'd managed to get a lot done.

The bluebonnets that had seeded in the lawn were now free of smothering weeds, ready to bud and burst into bloom. 15

Weeds were banished and straggling plants cut back and mulched in all three parkways.

And after much clipping, pruning, weeding and mulching the large central border looked good again.

We'd had a day of work with great food and best of all, a chance to share updates on home remodeling projects, work problems, accidents & mishaps, pet illnesses, new car purchases, family squabbles, family good stuff, new exercise and diet ideas and not-so-good health news. There had been so many ups and downs in all our lives that it was kind of a group therapy session with gardening. Some things would eventually work out and some remain unresolved, but at least we got to be together.

We were tired, but whether or not the move happened, knew we'd helped Buffy and made a difference.

This post, 2015-February BUFFY'S GARDEN DAY, was written by Annie in Austin/Diva Glinda  for her Divas of the Dirt Blog

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