Monday, May 20, 2013

2012, Flowers of Late Summer and September

The summer of 2012 was hot, but there was some decent rain in July and the fires didn't dominate our thoughts as they had during the summer of 2011. As always, a mix of joys and sadness, progress and defeat, excitement and fatigue filled the lives of the Divas of the Dirt, along with some summer flowers. I love getting flower photos sent by my friends!

The new front borders that we'd made for Diva Mattie were a resounding success... here is a native Gregg's Mistflower, Conoclinium greggii, complemented with Queen butterflies. Mattie was amazed at how quickly the small division planted in spring had grown and spread.

Diva Annie had a good-sized Senna tree in her front border that was not having a good year. But a Senna seedling that had lodged in the small space at the end of parkway and driveway was doing just fine!

Karla sent two photos of her long border along the side fence. The Fall Obedient Plants (Physostegia virginiana) were not exactly obedient, but they were blooming. You probably know that the "obedient" part only refers to shifting the individual florets around the stem - more a boon for Flower Arrangers than for gardeners. 

The Divas of the Dirt had planted a crepe myrtle for Diva Glinda in November 2011. The crepe myrtle was labeled 'Muskogee'. Glinda (that would be me) was relieved when the crepe myrtle bloomed in September 2012... a bit bleached out looking, but it does appear to be the delicately lavender-pink  Lagerstroemia x fauriei 'Muskogee', and not another of the way-too-many watermelon pink crepe myrtles found in my neighborhood.

Karla also sent us a photo of one of the iconic Austin fall flowers, Rhodophiala bifida AKA Oxblood Lilies AKA Schoolhouse Lilies. Years ago these were shared by the blogger at Zanthan Gardens in Austin.

Fall had arrived - soon it would be time for the end-of-September project of the Divas of the Dirt.

(posted by Annie in Austin for Diva Glinda)

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