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2010 September, Buffy's Garden Day

The Oxblood Lilies were in bloom at my (Glinda's) house when I left to pick up Sophia for Buffy's garden day. Sophia had planted caladiums in the border with her Oxblood Lilies. Aren't they gorgeous? DivasoftheDirt,Rhodophiala bifida & caladiumThat generous Austin gardenblogger MSS of Zanthan Gardens had shared some of these classic Austin passalong bulbs with the Divas of the Dirt a few years ago and they've done well. Every September they pop up in older gardens in Austin - I've read they are a South American bulb, but were brought to Austin many years ago, divided and shared. We love being part of that tradition!
Sophia & I wrestled the tiller in my car and headed over to Buffy's house. The September date had given Buffy a chance to use autumn decorations and her table setting was delightful with tiny pumpkins and ceramic mushrooms. DivasoftheDirt,Buffy Autumn tableWe caught up on recent news while Buffy cooked hash browns and a spicy egg dish baked in the oven, part of a delicious, hearty breakfast and oh, those cinnamon rolls!DivasoftheDirt,breakfast plate
The day was going to be another hot one - we unloaded all our tools and started to work. One job was raising the canopy on a large Bradford pear. The swings from drought to flood spurred the tree to throw out weird long branches, shading an existing vegetable plot and threatening to cover the planned new one. After reshaping the tree, the prunings were reduced for recycling and the digging could start. DivasoftheDirt, reduce limbs to recycle
The secret garden also needed pruning, weeding & transplanting ... we tried out new ideas for this area we'd worked in so often, moving around pots and the birdbath and adding new plants. Then we got a little punchy from the heat and started playing with rocks DivasoftheDirt,Rock stackand the photographer played with the poster-edges function

I also had to take a photo of one of the succulents on Buffy's patio table - no ID but what a fun plant! DivasoftheDirt, succulent on patio

We were out there for hours on this hot day, talking and laughing even as we mopped our brows and thought about the aches that would hit the next day.
Lunch at Buffy's house was always worth working for!DivasoftheDirt, soup for lunch
It was getting late by the time we left, but seeing the renovated mulched border with new vines on the tuteurs was satisfying to the Diva eye DivasoftheDirt, vines on tuteurs
Isn't the new vegetable plot cute! DivasoftheDirt, Buffy's vegetable plotBuffy told us to each take one of the ceramic mushrooms home as a souvenir of the day.
Thanks, Buffy!

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