Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Buffy played hostess this year - and the theme she chose was Mexican Fiesta: The Divalicious Christmas Luncheon is upon us! Next Saturday at 11:30. I will be making Enchiladas Suizas, half with crab and half with chicken. Let me know what you all want to bring. Y'all stay warm and safe! I'm making a make-shift green house out of my rose arbor. I hope we get some real snow!

We had no problem coming up with contributions for this menu!

Karla has some great squash recipes: I will bring a side dish - Calabacitas (small squashes). Looking forward to Christmas cheer with everyone!!!

Annie had a plan: I'm bringing a side dish, think some sort of black bean and rice combo.

Mindy had one, too: I am thinking a ceviche or campenchana which would be a cold appetizer--I promised Buffy I would bring a great sangria also.

Buffy replied: Wine is good too, if you would like to bring a bottle. I also have some Proseco and Champagne.

After a few years of just visiting, Founding Diva Sugar was ready to return to active membership: I can make a salad along the Mexican theme & I can make an appetizer, as well. I'm really excited to be back w/ you girls -have missed working w/ all of you tremendously.

Sophia offered to make Cream of Jalapeno Soup, Mattie had a favorite recipe for creamy Corn bread and I (Glinda) wanted to make Tres Leches Cake.

We gradually arrived and gathered in Buffy's charming kitchen

We had no timetable - just had fun hanging out, with some Divas arriving with ingredients, preparing their dishes as we chatted and sipped. Sugar's Chips and queso and Macky's campechena were delicious and so was the sangria.

When it was time for the main courses, Buffy's dining room and table looked fabulous

Let's take a closer look at Sophia's Cream of Jalapeno Soup:

And how cute are these Gerbera Daisy centerpieces with herbs?

We always feel relaxed at Buffy's house!

Sugar's salad came next, then Buffy's Enchiladas Suizas with Sour Cream Sauce. Annie's seasoned Black Beans & Rice, Mattie's Creamy Corn Bread and Karla's spicy Calabacitas went together perfectly:

Pink Champagne and Prosecco flowed and somehow we found room for Tres Leches Cake...

After we ate it was once again time to play the Gift-stealing game.

Inside that rooster box was a copy of Julia Child's famous French Cookbook - you can bet it was stolen!
A Diamond hoe was a great present - but not too easy to wrap! We all went home with cool gifts and we all went home with fun memories of this Holi-Diva Day, another special luncheon with our friends:
My food photos came out okay but if Sugar hadn't brought her camera we wouldn't have such good people photos in this post - thanks, Sugar!

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