Sunday, March 18, 2007

Best Wishes to Julie

Last fall Julie Bonnin, garden writer for the Austin American Statesman, came to spend two project days with us. She then wrote a feature article about our group, telling how the concept worked and showing us in action.

We enjoyed meeting her, and had fun being in the newspaper, getting calls from friends and even seeing the story picked up by other sites. A week ago Julie Bonnin wrote a Saturday column about a new addition to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center website, and gave the news that author Felder Rushing will be a speaker at the upcoming Zilker Garden Fest. But this column also had a twist at the end – she’s moving from Austin to Houston.

This link should work for awhile: Julie's Column, A Time of Transition.

Julie, the Divas wish you well in your new home, and hope you have wonderful days in your new garden.

[It's spring in Austin - the photo gives a glimpse of the completed March project. ]

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